Delivery & Returns

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Delivery & Returns

Stage 1
Request or download a Returns Authorisation Request Form from Customer to complete a Returns Authorisation Request.

Stage 2
Submit a completed Returns Authorisation Request Form to us either by fax or email before returning goods to us. ThemaVein® will assign an RMA number to the Returns Authorisation Request. This will be dated, authorised and sent to the customer by fax or email. The RMA number will remain valid for a period of 90 days after issue. Returns will not be accepted should the goods be returned without a valid RMA number.

Stage 3
Customer to return the goods together with a copy of the authorised Returns Authorisation Request.

Stage 4
ThermaVein® will process the Return and keep the customer informed of progress.
Please note: we also take this opportunity to reiterate some important issues contained within our terms and conditions.

Carriage and Freight
It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange and pay for the freight door to door. It’s recommended to have a sufficient insurance to cover any damages in transit. ThermaVein® reserves the right to refuse any returned parts based on the condition of the part received on the Repair/Exchange. Any additional costs, charges, duties and taxes, etc. will be re-invoiced to customers account.

Repacking and Shipment
If it is ever necessary to repackage any ThermaVein® product for reshipment, use the original shipping carton, crate and all packing material, if available. If the original packing material is not available, use a similar.

Warranty Claim
All standard catalogue items are warranted to meet published specifications and to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year following delivery, although there are the following exclusions:

  • Items damaged as a result of negligence, mishandling or misuse.
  • Parts that carry an individual warranty for example lamps whose warranty may be based on usage hours.
  • Consoles carry a two year warranty as standard from date of sale.
    Where a warranty claim is found to be invalid, ThermaVein® Limited reserve the right to raise an inspection charge.

Advanced replacements are made at the discretion of ThermaVein® Limited. Where an advanced replacement is carried out, ThermaVein® will raise an invoice for the advanced replacement.

The replacement value will then either be credited back to the customer in full where the replacement has been made against a validated warranty claim, or a partial credit will be raised where the replacement has been made against the repair or refurbishment that can be economically effected.

Where items are returned for repair or refurbishment, ThermaVein® will carry out an investigation and if repair or refurbishment is possible issue a quotation for the work within 21 days of receipt of the goods. All repairs and refurbishments are guaranteed for a period of 120 days following delivery.
We will make every effort to carry out repair and refurbishment work, but there may be instances where this is not possible.